Tenda Router Default Password – Login, Username for Modems

About Tenda Routers:

Founded in 1999, Tenda Technology  is the recognized leader in wireless and LAN networking for consumer, SOHO and small business users. Tenda strives to deliver easy-to-install and affordable networking solutions for its customers, offering innovative, award-winning products that enhance people’s lives and productivity.

With millions of quality networking and connectivity products manufactured and sold, Tenda is a dominant market participant and price/performance leader in the networking and communications market with a full range of products that many vendors boast about. Our stringent ISO9001 manufacturing process has won approvals from many OEM customers worldwide.

To cater for the less IT-savvy users, Tenda pioneered the world’s first installation CD that enables instant network connectivity out of the box within minutes. Our success is built upon our customer’s satisfaction. Tenda’s pursuit of excellence will continue to enhance the broadband lifestyle in the new digital economy.

Tenda Router Default Passwords:

Vendor – Model Access Type Username Password
Tenda – R502 (Tenda Firmware) admin admin
Tenda – TED8620R (Tenda Chinese Firmware) admin admin
Tenda – TWL 108R (Tenda Firmware) admin admin
Tenda – W306R (Tenda Firmware) admin admin
Tenda – W311R (Tenda Firmware) admin admin
Tenda – W541R (Tenda Firmware) admin admin
Tenda – W548D (Tenda Firmware) admin admin

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