SMC Router Default Password – Login, Username for Modems

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Default Router Passwords

About SMC Routers:

Founded in 1971 and with worldwide headquarters in Irvine, California in the United States, SMC Networks maintains its global presence by supporting customers from regional offices throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Japan.

In 1997, SMC became a subsidiary of Accton Technology Corporation, (TAIEX:2345), a global outsourcing partner for networking and communications solutions. Leveraging SMC’s design, engineering and marketing strengths with Accton’s expertise in optimizing silicon designs and streamlining manufacturing has since added to the company’s success. In 2003 the Accton-Philips joint venture, Arcadyan, which bridges the networking and consumer electronics gap, added even further to SMC’s pool of product and R&D resources.

SMC Router Default Passwords:

Vendor – Model Access Type Username Password
SMC – 2804wr HTTP (none) smcadmin
SMC – 7204BRA Multi smc smcadmin
SMC – 7401BRA HTTP admin barricade
SMC – 7401BRA HTTP smc smcadmin
SMC – Barricade 7004 AWBR Multi admin (none)
SMC – Barricade7204BRB HTTP admin smcadmin
SMC – Modem/Router HTTP cusadmin highspeed
SMC – Router HTTP admin admin
SMC – Router/Modem Multi admin barricade
SMC – SMB2804WBR Multi Administrator smcadmin
smc – smc 7904BRA Multi (none) smcadmin
SMC – SMC broadband router HTTP admin admin
SMC – SMC2804WBR HTTP (none) smcadmin
SMC – SMC2804WBR (SMC Firmware) smcadmin
SMC – SMC7004ABR (SMC Firmware) smcadmin
SMC – SMC7004BR (SMC Firmware) smcadmin
SMC – SMC7004VBR HTTP n/a smcadmin
SMC – SMC7004VBR (SMC Firmware) smcadmin
SMC – SMC7004VBR EU (SMC Firmware)
SMC – SMC7004VWBR (SMC Firmware) smcadmin
SMC – SMC7204BRA (SMC Firmware)
SMC – SMC7901BRA (SMC Firmware) smcadmin
SMC – SMC7901WBRA2 (SMC Firmware) admin smcadmin
SMC – SMC7904BRA (SMC Firmware) smcadmin
SMC – SMC7904WBRA (SMC Firmware) admin
SMC – SMC7904WBRA2 (SMC Firmware) admin smcadmin
SMC – SMC7904WBRA4 (SMC Firmware) admin smcadmin
SMC – smc7904wbrb Multi (none) smcadmin
SMC – SMC7908A-ISP (SMC Firmware) smcadmin
SMC – SMC8013WG-CCR HTTP mso w0rkplac3rul3s
SMC – SMC8013WG-CCR (SMC Firmware) cusadmin highspeed
SMC – SMC8014W-G (SMC Firmware) cusadmin password
SMC – SMC8014WN-RES (SMC Firmware) cusadmin password
SMC – SMCD3GN (SMC Firmware) cusadmin highspeed
SMC – SMCWBR14-3GN (SMC Firmware) admin smcadmin
SMC – SMCWBR14-G HTTP (none) smcadmin
SMC – SMCWBR14-G HTTP n/a smcadmin
SMC – SMCWBR14-G HTTP (none) smcadmin
SMC – SMCWBR14-G (SMC Firmware) smcadmin
SMC – SMCWBR14-G2 EU (SMC Firmware) smcadmin
SMC – SMCWBR14-GM (SMC Firmware) smcadmin
SMC – SMCWBR14-N2 (SMC Firmware) Admin smcadmin
SMC – SMCWBR14S-N2 (SMC Firmware) smcadmin
SMC – SMCWBR14S-N3 (SMC Firmware) admin smcadmin
SMC – SMCWBR14T-G (SMC Firmware) smcadmin
SMC – WiFi Router HTTP n/a smcadmin
SMC- Arcor Easybox 400 (Arcor Firmware)

Disclaimer: While we make all efforts to update the database to include all the models and manufacturers in the list, there are bound to be some omissions and errors. If you find any such errors or you want to include any additional entry into the database, please use the contact form to notify us.

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