Ruckus Router Default Password – Login, Username for Modems

About Ruckus  Routers:

At Ruckus Wireless™, we’ve been designing, manufacturing, and marketingSmart Wi-Fi products and Smart Wireless LAN (WLAN) systems ever since we first opened our doors back in June of 2004. Our patented, universe-leading Wi-Fi technology was just one reason we were named a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum. Privately-owned, we’ve had some $42 million invested in our company from some of the world’s leading venture firms, including Sequoia CapitalSutter HillT-VenturesWK Technology Fund, and Motorola Ventures.

We hang our company hat on our Smart Wi-Fi technology, which uses an intelligent, high-gain directional antenna system and quality of service technologies to extend the range of Wi-Fi signals and automatically adapt to environmental changes. This results in Wi-Fi that, for the first time, reaches farther and is inherently more reliable. Our Smart Wi-Fi technology steers signals around interference, obstructions, and obstacles, to ensure unprecedented coverage and consistent performance. We truly deliver on the promise of wireless—no strings attached.

Our products are sold through both direct and indirect channels. To date, over 1 million Ruckus Wi-Fi systems have been shipped, and over 1,000,000 access points equipped with our patented BeamFlex™ technology have been sold around the world. Our two flagship product lines include ZoneFlex™ Smart WLANsystems for enterprises, and MediaFlex™ Smart Wi-Fi products for service providers. ZoneFlex is the only centralized Smart WLAN system for enterprises that combines Smart Wi-Fi and Smart Mesh networking technology within a single, powerful, wallet-friendly solution. MediaFlex is the world’s first carrier-grade Smart Wi-Fi system for reliable distribution of high-definition IP multicast services.

Ruckus Router Default Passwords:

Vendor – Model Access Type Username Password
Ruckus – MediaFlex 2825 (Ruckus Firmware) admin password


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