Noganet Router Default Password – Login, Username for Modems

About Noganet Routers:

Noganet, established in Chine in 1995, has been known as a professional computer device and accessories manufacturer in the information technology industry.

Noganet has developed significant production line based on the expansion of our existing capabilities and investment in new technologies is the leading exporter of PC Hardware, we are providing a full range of computer peripherals like PCMCIA CardBus, PC CAM, FIGITRAL CAM, TV CARD networking products, USB products, PCI fax modem, controlled card computer case, Power supply, multimedia speakers, DVD, LCD TV, LCD MONITORS, CABLES, Battery charger and rechargeable batteries as well… Thus, we aim to be ONE STOP PC OMPONENTS SUPPLIER OF HARDWARE TECHNOLOGY for customers worldwide… Our corporate offices, engineering, procurement, tooling and production facilities occupy 95000 square feet in Taiwan and Mainland China. Out ISO-9002 certified factory has 2300 qualifies employing hundred of quality employees and monthly output of around 21.000.000 units.

Noganet Router Default Passwords:

Vendor – Model Access Type Username Password
Noganet – NG-1060S (Noganet Firmware) admin admin
Noganet – NG-R2504P (Noganet Firmware) admin admin
Noganet – TEI-6608 (Noganet Firmware) admin admin


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