Micronet Router Default Password – Login, Username for Modems

About Micronet Routers:

Micronet is a worldwide provider, developing and manufacturing advanced networking solutions for Enterprise, SME, ISP, and SOHO. Since 1992, Micronet has delivered over tens of millions of connections worldwide. Today, Micronet offers two product groups, the Network Infrastructure Group (NIG) and Application Solution Group (ASG).

The NIG provides the network infrastructure products, including Ethernet of copper and fiber, Wireless LAN, ADSL, VDSL, and System Management product lines. The ASG delivers the application solution products, including Network Security, Voice-over-IP, IP Surveillance and Server product lines such as print server and digital signage.

Micronet is your best choice when outgrowing your networking business! We are focused on developing and marketing networking products globally, providing customers the most up-to-date technologies and quality service. What we aim for and what we do is to make communication easier.

Today, Micronet products are distributed across over 100 countries. As a Micronet distributor, reseller, system integrator or any type of partners, the distribution channels all over the world provide you instant delivery and satisfactory support in planning and utilizing Micronet products. In addition, you can also learn more up-to-date product information, technical support, or consult with Micronet professionals about planning your network.

Micronet Router Default Passwords:

Vendor – Model Access Type Username Password
Micronet – 3351 / 3354 Multi admin epicrouter
Micronet – Access Point Telnet root default
Micronet – Micronet SP5002 Console mac (none)
Micronet – SP3351 (Micronet Firmware) admin epicrouter
Micronet – SP3361 (Micronet Firmware) admin trendchip
Micronet – SP3367A (Micronet Firmware) admin admin
Micronet – SP3367D (Micronet Firmware) admin admin
Micronet – SP888B (Micronet Firmware) admin admin
Micronet – SP916GK (Micronet Firmware) admin 1234


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