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About Linksys Routers:

Linksys by Cisco, commonly known as Linksys, is a brand of home and small office networking products now produced by Cisco Systems, though once a separate company founded in 1995 before being acquired by Cisco in 2003.[1] Products currently and previously sold under the Linksys brand name include broadband and wireless routers, consumer and small business grade Ethernet switching, VoIP equipment, wireless internet video camera, AV products, network storage systems, and other products. Linksys products were widely available in North America off-the-shelf from both consumer electronics stores (CompUSA and Best Buy), internet retailers, and big-box retail stores (WalMart). Linksys’ significant competition as an independent firm were D-Link and NetGear, the latter for a time being a brand of Cisco competitor Nortel.

In 2007, Cisco CEO John Chambers described the longterm plan to kill the independent Linksys brand: “It will all come over time into a Cisco brand. The reason we kept Linksys’ brand because it was better known in the US than even Cisco was for the consumer. As you go globally there’s very little advantage in that.” From 2008, all Linksys products sold were packaged and branded as “Linksys by Cisco”; some former Linksys products were merged into the “Valet” brand (albeit with a large Cisco logo and smaller Linksys name still on the product). The formerly-independent Linksys website presently redirects to Cisco’s. Small-business inquiries into former Linksys products are directed to Cisco’s products and reseller network.

Linksys Router Default Passwords:

Vendor – Model Access Type Username Password
Linksys – ADSLME3 root orion99
Linksys – AG 241 – ADSL2 Gateway with 4-Port Switch Multi admin admin
Linksys – AG241 (Linksys Firmware) admin admin
Linksys – AM200 (Linksys Firmware) admin admin
Linksys – AM300 (Linksys Firmware) admin admin
linksys – ap 1120 Multi n/a (none)
Linksys – BEFSR11 (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – BEFSR41 HTTP (none) admin
Linksys – BEFSR41 (Linksys v1 Firmware) admin
Linksys – BEFSR41 (Linksys v2 Firmware) admin
Linksys – BEFSR41v4 (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – BEFSR81 (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – BEFSRU31 (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – BEFSX41 (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – BEFW11S4 HTTP admin (none)
linksys – BEFW11S4 Multi (none) admin
Linksys – BEFW11S4 (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – Comcast HTTP comcast 1234
Linksys – DSL Telnet n/a admin
Linksys – E1000 (Linksys Firmware) admin admin
Linksys – E2000 (Linksys Firmware) admin admin
Linksys – E3000 (Linksys Firmware) admin admin
Linksys – EtherFast Cable/DSL ROuter Multi Administrator admin
Linksys – Linksys DSL n/a admin
Linksys – Linksys Router DSL/Cable HTTP (none) admin
Linksys – model WRT54GC compact wireless-G broadband router Multi (none) admin
Linksys – NR041 (Network Everywhere Firmware) admin
Linksys – RT31P2 (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – RTP300 (Linksys Firmware) admin admin
Linksys – RV042 (Linksys Firmware) admin admin
Linksys – rv082 Multi admin (none)
Linksys – RVS 4000 (Linksys Firmware) admin admin
Linksys – SPA-2100 (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – SPA-2102 (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – SPA-3102 (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WAG120N (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WAG120N (Linksys Italian Firmware) admin
Linksys – WAG160N (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WAG160N (Linksys Italian Firmware) admin
Linksys – WAG200G (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WAG200G (Linksys Portuguese Firmware) admin
Linksys – WAG300N (Linksys Portuguese Firmware) admin admin
Linksys – WAG320N (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WAG325N (Linksys Firmware) admin admin
Linksys – WAG354G HTTP admin admin
linksys – wag354g Telnet admin admin
Linksys – WAG354G (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WAG54G HTTP admin admin
Linksys – WAG54G2 (Linksys Firmware) admin admin
Linksys – WAG54GP2 v2 (Linksys Firmware) admin admin
Linksys – WAG54GS Multi admin admin
Linksys – WAG54GS (Linksys Firmware) admin admin
Linksys – WAP11 Multi n/a (none)
Linksys – WAP54G HTTP (none) admin
Linksys – WCG200 ver.2 (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WCG200-CC (Comcast Firmware) comcast 1234
Linksys – WRH54G (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRK54G (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRP200 (Linksys Firmware) admin admin
Linksys – WRP400 (Linksys Firmware) admin admin
Linksys – WRT100 (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT110 (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT120N (Linksys Firmware) admin admin
Linksys – WRT150N (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT160N (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT160N v2 (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT160N v3 (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT300N (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT300N (Talisman Firmware) admin admin
Linksys – WRT300N v1.1 (Linksys Firmware) admin admin
Linksys – WRT310N (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT320N (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT330N (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT350N (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT400N (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT54G HTTP admin admin
Linksys – WRT54G HTTP (none) admin
linksys – wrt54g Multi admin admin
Linksys – WRT54G (Hyperlite Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT54G (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT54G (Linksys v2 Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT54G (Linksys v4 Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT54G (Linksys v8 Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT54G (Satori-4.0 Firmware By Sveasoft) admin
Linksys – WRT54G (Talisman Firmware) admin admin
Linksys – WRT54G2 (Linksys v1.0 Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT54G2 (Linksys v1.5 Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT54G3G (Linksys Italian Firmware) admin admin
Linksys – WRT54GC (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT54GC (Linksys Italian Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT54GH (Linksys Firmware) admin admin
Linksys – WRT54GL (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT54GP2A-AT (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT54GR (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT54GS HTTP admin admin
Linksys – WRT54GS (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT54GS (Linksys v7 Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT54GS2 (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT54GSV4 (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT54G-TM (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT54GX2 (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT54GX4 (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT55AG (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT600N (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRT610N (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRTP54G (Linksys Firmware) admin admin
Linksys – WRTU54G-TM (Linksys Firmware) admin admin
Linksys – WRV200 (Linksys Firmware) admin
Linksys – WRVS4400N (Linksys Firmware) admin admin
Linksys/ Cisco – RTP300 w/2 phone ports HTTP admin admin
Linksys/ Cisco – RTP300 w/2 phone ports HTTP user tivonpw

Disclaimer: While we make all efforts to update the database to include all the models and manufacturers in the list, there are bound to be some omissions and errors. If you find any such errors or you want to include any additional entry into the database, please use the contact form to notify us.

If you are a router vendor, and want to include your product in the database, then also you are invited to contact form. You can follow us on Google+.

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  1. forgot password need to chg LINKSYS WRTA00N

    THOMPSON 25 November 2010 at 12:53 am Permalink
  2. WRTA00N? There is no such Linksys model…

    Mr. Anderson 19 December 2010 at 8:05 am Permalink
  3. Forgot network security key, accompanying literature sts “saved in Linkysis.txt file on desktop”, unable to access. Tech support no longer available. Purchased Oct 2008. Any help would be so appreciated. Thanks Pat

    Pat Ryan 11 March 2011 at 4:33 pm Permalink
  4. pat ryan again, sorry..

    would not accept default password “admin” listed as default for model WRT54G2. should have included info in above request for help. thanks again. pat ryan

    Pat Ryan 11 March 2011 at 7:00 pm Permalink
  5. Please advise me about I forgot password need to chg LINKSYS WAG200G

    Navs 4 May 2011 at 7:03 am Permalink
  6. need password Linksys WRT54G

    enes 17 June 2011 at 2:55 pm Permalink
  7. forgot my password

    Clair Elsbury 6 July 2011 at 2:52 am Permalink
  8. forgot my password for my router model WRT120N admin does not work

    Clair Elsbury 6 July 2011 at 2:55 am Permalink

    Grazie GIUSEPPE

    GIUSEPPE RICCIONI 19 September 2011 at 5:02 pm Permalink
  10. I have no idea what my router password is. The serial numbers are Linksys WRT160N V3. We’re trying to connect to the wireless network which was set up a while ago and need help! Thanks for your fast reply!

    Ann 22 September 2011 at 3:44 pm Permalink
  11. how to put name and password in a linksys wireless g router

    mark 16 January 2012 at 1:38 am Permalink

    OJOSBELLOS 8 March 2012 at 4:30 pm Permalink
  13. i still dont get how to get my password i want to connect with my ipod. but i cant find it !!! ughh so frustraded

    fofo 10 March 2012 at 2:03 am Permalink
  14. forgot my password

    nasser 2 April 2012 at 9:52 am Permalink
  15. forgot my password DPC3825

    nasser 2 April 2012 at 10:03 am Permalink
  16. I have two routers, one for computer and one for telephone.
    I need password to download books to my kindle.
    the model numbers are, RM4200, and WRP400.
    many thanks

    denis ryan 9 May 2012 at 9:26 am Permalink
  17. I have lost my security key for my linksys wireless -g Broadband router. The model is WRT54G i have tried different things like reseting modem using reset button on rear. Using admin as a password. Please help.

    John Graham 11 May 2012 at 4:01 pm Permalink
  18. I Have WRT54G2 (Linksys v1.0 Firmware) and the password admin won’t work please help me I really need help , I ‘ve been searching websites to help me find my password for a linkeys cisco or whatever its called can you find it on the back of the router? I DO NOT WANT TO RESET MY ROUTER AT ALL….

    Maris 15 May 2012 at 2:23 am Permalink
  19. forgot my password, cant connect to wifi network arlene to hook up my kindle

    Arlene Rew 16 May 2012 at 7:39 pm Permalink
  20. please remove my last name

    Arlene 16 May 2012 at 7:41 pm Permalink
  21. Reset linksys router and tried different combinations of default password username and was still unsucessful logging into to reset password. Please help.

    joseph 15 June 2012 at 3:57 pm Permalink

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