JAHT Router Default Password – Login, Username for Modems

About JAHT Routers:

JAHT Technologies Corp. was founded in 1998 to be a total solution provider in network and communication field. To provide the most innovative products, JAHT has a group of experienced engineers focusing on developing network and communication products since 1988. With strong R&D team, it is able to obtain the newest technology for new generation products. JAHT is utilizing the technology to create products what can make our life better. People will enjoy the technology while using those products.

In 2004, it established a branch office in Guangdong, China. More products were added to the company’s offerings. In 2007, the company has extended its product line covering not only networking products, but also various third-party “Enjoy the Technology” products, such as internet phones and digital photo frames.

In 2008, JAHT has further extended its networking technology expertise in industrial computing peripherals. These products, including DIN rail power supplies, are especially designed for industrial environments.
New brand name “INCAP” is created for the business field.

The Following Decades Would See JAHT is one of the few companies to successfully integrate the technologies of industrial computing, networking and communication. It never stops finding a smarter and easier way of computing in industrial, enterprise and SMB markets. We simply hope people from all fields enjoy products and technology we provide.

JAHT Router Default Passwords:

Vendor – Model Access Type Username Password
JAHT – adsl router HTTP admin epicrouter


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