Irongate Router Default Password – Login, Username for Modems

About Irongate Routers:

IronGate provides security solutions and integrated broadband connectivity simple and affordable for Internet users of this technology, particularly the segments of small and medium businesses, professionals and freelancers.IronGate focuses on these segments underserved by the limited and expensive supply that exists in the security market.

Currently there are security solutions for broadband type firewall software and hardware type. Software solutions, although they are relatively inexpensive, have disadvantages for their intrusiveness that produces high volatility in the operating system and high consumption of computer resources. In contrast, hardware solutions, to behave as peripheral elements, do not have these disadvantages, but they are expensive, difficult to install and manage.

The priority to fill a gap in the basic needs of the Internet is the main reason for the creation of IronGate and development of a hardware system for effective data protection and solvent. The aim of IronGate is to protect the Internet broadband users greed and the dangers circulating on the Net

This defense system and provides access to Web users with the necessary privacy for their movements remain in the private sphere. In turn, prevents intruders from accessing content protected computer by IronGate.

Being the first Spanish manufacturer of security hardware, communications and management increases the specific weight of IronGate in the communications sector in Spainand brings added value in reliability and price guide for the user.

Irongate Router Default Passwords:

Vendor – Model Access Type Username Password
Irongate – NetSurvibox 266 HTTP admin NetSurvibox


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