Digicom Router Default Password – Login, Username for Modems

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About Digicom Routers:

Digicom now has the largest single brand range of IT equipment of any European country, with thousand items stocked. Attention is paid to packaging and documentation to encourange products to “fly off the shelves”.
Our distribution sales staff is multilimgual and provide assistance either directly or through in country master resellers who are fully trained on Digicom’s products.

The company has three distinct divisions: Networking, Wireless and Internet Access.
The Networking Division produces and distributes a wide range of devices to enable both wired and wireless networking in home and office environments. Ranging from 10/100 and Gbe switches through to a complete set of ADSL routers and firewalls, the networking Division is a major player in the European marketplace readily available through distributors and resellers in all major countries.

The Internet Access Division is engaged in the development of advanced solutions for IP telephony, High Speed Internet Access and Routing and Voice over IP.
Digicom is currently the largest supplier of Integrated Access Devices in Europe, many of them being installed by Internet Service Providers.

The Wireless Divisions designs and produces devices according to the various technologies, from 802.11g and b for the Wireless LAN to the GSM/GPRS modems for the remote control and Systems with built-in processing. These are used in industrial and process control projects throughout Europe.

Digicom Router Default Passwords:

Vendor – Model Access Type Username Password
Digicom – 8E4411 (Digicom Firmware) admin admin
Digicom – Adsl2 Combo (Digicom Firmware) admin admin
Digicom – DDSL-101R (Digicom Firmware) admin admin
Digicom – Michelangelo Multi admin michelangelo
Digicom – Michelangelo Multi user password
Digicom – Michelangelo LAN TX II (Digicom Firmware) admin admin
Digicom – Michelangelo Wave (Digicom Firmware) admin admin
Digicom – Michelangelo Wave 108 (Digicom Firmware) admin
Digicom – Michelangelo Wave 300 (Digicom Firmware) admin admin
Digicom – Michelangelo Wave 300C (Digicom Firmware) admin admin
Digicom – Michelangelo Wave 54R (Digicom Firmware) admin admin
DIGICOM – Michelangelo Wave108 HTTP root admin
digicom – Wavegate 54C HTTP Admin (none)
Digicom – Wavegate 54R (Digicom Firmware) admin admin

Disclaimer: While we make all efforts to update the database to include all the models and manufacturers in the list, there are bound to be some omissions and errors. If you find any such errors or you want to include any additional entry into the database, please use the contact form to notify us.

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