Datawizard Router Default Password – Login, Username for Modems

About Datawizard Routers:

Originally founded in 1995, DataWizard Technologies has come forward from it’s roots as a Consulting company to offer products and services based on our Clients’ needs. As a Company, we are constantly researching new and innovative ways to provide our Clients with more productive technologies and quicker implementations in order to improve our Clients’ bottom line.  We believe that by striving to understand our Clients’ business, we can provide a technology integrated solution that not only fits their needs, but surpasses their expectations by leveraging todays new technologies for their benefit.  We can  pin point how and where your Company fits into todays technology-centric world, and then help conceptualize and build technical strategies that capitalize on your strengths, giving your company a competitive edge.

Our extensive Internet, intranet, and E-Commerce experience has allowed us to create elegant and innovative solutions like Internet Client applications that operate transparently through a firewalls, E-Commerce Server database systems that synchronize across the Internet, or secure Internet data management solutions, to name a few.  As evidenced by our products and the Solution Providers that develop with them, we are experts in desktop based Internet Client/Server Application Development and Integrated Systems Development.

We offer both turnkey Consulting Solutions as well as project based Research and Development Services. Our turn key Consulting solutions typically involve the conceptualization, design, and implementation of an end to end solution from the ground up.  In contrast, our Research and Development Services usually involve us in a more limited scope such as technical assessments, technical research/corroberations, or working as part of a team on larger projects.

Datawizard Router Default Passwords:

Vendor – Model Access Type Username Password – FTPXQ server FTP anonymous any@


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