Comtrend Router Default Password – Login, Username for Modems

About Comtrend Routers:

With more than 12 million products installed, COMTREND CORPORATION is a leading global supplier of advanced networking solutions. Comtrend is a ISO-9001/14001 certified company that designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of networking equipment integrating ADSL, ADSL2+, Bonded ADSL2+, VDSL2, VOIP, IP STB Multimedia, Residential Wi-Fi, Auto Configuration Systems and High-Speed PLC technology. Comtrend is committed to a vision of bringing people together through technology and continues to realize this vision through a focus on innovation and superior service.

COMTREND was established in 1990. COMTREND’s founders have considerable experience in the telecom/datacom field including working experience with Bell Labs and a Lucent joint venture. COMTREND’s success in attracting customers and maintaining customer loyalty has resulted in COMTREND’s explosive growth in revenue. The company’s greatest triumph has been its ability to attract, retain, and develop talented professionals from all around the world. COMTREND’s human resources have doubled over the last few years, enabling the company to manage the growing demand for its products,
and position itself to take advantage of future opportunities.

Comtrend Router Default Passwords:

Vendor – Model Access Type Username Password
Comtrend – AR-5321U (Comtrend Firmware) admin admin
Comtrend – CT-5072S (Comtrend Firmware) root 1234
comtrend – ct536+ Multi admin (none)
Comtrend – ct-536+ HTTP admin admin
Comtrend – ct-536+ HTTP admin 1234
Comtrend – CT-536+ (Comtrend Firmware) 1234 1234
Comtrend – CT-5361 (Comtrend Firmware) admin admin
Comtrend – CT-5361T (Comtrend Firmware) root 12345
Comtrend – CT-5365 (Comtrend Firmware) user pass
Comtrend – CT-5367 (Comtrend Firmware) admin admin
Comtrend – CT-5611 (Comtrend Firmware) root 1234
Comtrend – CT-5621 (Comtrend Firmware) root 1234
Comtrend – CT-5624S (Comtrend Firmware) user pass
Comtrend – CT-6373 (Comtrend Firmware) user pass
Comtrend – CT-6383 (Comtrend Firmware) user pass
Comtrend – HG536+ (Comtrend Firmware) admin admin

6 thoughts on “Comtrend Router Default Password – Login, Username for Modems

  1. Alan Toovey

    I am trying to connect my ipod to wi-fi and need to find the existing password for my Comtrend CT-5365 router.I am no boffin and require help in simple terms please.

  2. sean

    wats the user and password for my router comtread adsL router CT-5621T but i got wired connection 2 my playstation 3 and i need 2 connect it

  3. Nitsan

    I have comtrend ct-7007 my company buy them for our custemers i’m try to connect him and i get a message for password i try admin, pass, root, 1234, 12345 nothing help to get-in.
    please help.

  4. abdi

    Good evening I have Roter type VIVAcom NET Model: CT -5367 use the username and password, but to no avail I hope to help to enter the Settings Alroter or send the password and user name and thank

  5. cindy

    I have ct-5361T and trying to connect a wireless printer to it and it is asking me for WEP key I got my ip address but don’t know the password to access it i have used all passwords with no luck


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