Bay Networks Router Default Password – Login, Username for Modems

About Bay Networks Routers:

Bay Networks was a network hardware vendor formed through the merger of Santa Clara, California based SynOptics Communications and Billerica, Massachusetts based Wellfleet Communications on July 6, 1994. SynOptics was an important early innovator of Ethernet products including a pre-standard twisted pair fast Ethernet product. Wellfleet was an important competitor to Cisco Systems in the router market.

Bay expanded the product lines of Synoptics and Wellfleet and entered the Asynchronous Transfer Mode product space.

Bay was acquired by Nortel in June of 1998, for $9.1 billion broadening Nortel’s reach from its traditional carrier customer base into enterprise data networking; Nortel renamed itself Nortel Networks after the merger. In December of 2009, Nortel sold its Enterprise business to Avaya. The sale included a few remaining Bay Networks products that were still active in Nortel’s portfolio at the time of the sale, such as the Ethernet Switch 450 and Backbone Concentrator Node (BCN) router.

The Bay Networks product Small office/home office line survives to this day as the Netgear products (needs more info) that are widely sold by electronics retailers. Netgear originally started as a division of Bay Networks in January 1996, and was spun out as a standalone company in September 1999.

Bay Networks Router Default Passwords:

Vendor – Model Access Type Username Password
Bay Networks – Router Telnet User (none)
Bay Networks – Router Telnet Manager (none)
Bay Networks – Router User (none)
Bay Networks – SuperStack II Telnet security security
Bay Networks – SuperStack II security security
Bay Networks – Switch Telnet n/a NetICs
Bay Networks – Switch n/a NetICs


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