Aolynk Router Default Password – Login, Username for Modems

About Aolynk Routers:

Smart Telecom is an Irish telecom operator that started as a phone card seller. It is also the third largest provider of cost-sensitive telecom services sector in Ireland, behind the incumbent operator Eircom and BT Ireland. It currently has an estimated 50,000 land-line customers and 18,000 broadband subscribers. It lost 20,000 land-line customers who reverted to Eircom in 2006.[citation needed]Smart operates several services:

Smart installs its own equipment in exchanges (a process which has proved to be slow and cumbersome and has caused massive delays in their rollout plan, with only a handful of exchanges currently available). Its broadband internet service uses ADSL2+ broadband technology, which gives them an advantage in that Smart can provide higher speeds to customers, as well as having a longer “range” on the line, allowing customers who previously were unable to get existing ADSL broadband due to being too far from the exchange to sign up to smart for internet. Smart equipment is provided by Huawei-3com, under the Aolynk brand. Smart use the DR814, DR814g and DR814q routers by Aolynk, dependent on the services being deployed (broadband, broadband with wireless router, IPTV etc.).

Aolynk Router Default Passwords:

Vendor – Model Access Type Username Password
Aolynk – DR814Q (Aolynk Firmware) admin admin


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