Allnet Router Default Password – Login, Username for Modems

About Allnet Routers:

The Allnet GmbH is a manufacturer and distributor of products in the networking and telecommunications . The company produces products for the home and office areas, as well as larger corporate structures.

The Allnet GmbH was founded in 1991 by Wolfgang Marcus Bauer. In 1992 the company began to manufacture their own products.1997, the company added its own telecommunications department. Between 2001 and 2002, brings the company first access solutions for broadband on the market. In the area of Power Line offers ALLNET own products since 2003. In the spring of 2004, the company founded its own training department under the name 802.lab and offers to vendor specific and vendor-independent training. Also in 2004, as part of CeBIT , the company manufactures products for the first time in the field of home automation from your own.Since 2004, the company also held a technical conference for commercial VoIP . 2005 will be the first product solutions for ADSL2 +presented. In 2006 the company was selected as part of a retail study of ICT specialist dealers in Germany to the Channel Champion in VAD and specialty distributors.

Allnet Router Default Passwords:

Vendor – Model Access Type Username Password
ALLNET – ALL 130DSL admin password
Allnet – ALL0275 802.11g AP HTTP none admin
Allnet – ALL1294B (Allnet Firmware)
Allnet – ALL1296 (Allnet Firmware)
ALLNET – T-DSL Modem HTTP admin admin


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