Addtran Router Default Passwords – Login, Username for Modems

About Addtran:

ADTRAN, Inc. is a provider of networking and communications equipment for use in the “last mile” of telecommunications networks. Itsheadquarters are in Huntsville, Alabama.

Adtran has enhanced its portfolio of carrier ethernet products with the addition of three new multiservice modular routers supporting a services-enabled sustained throughput of up to 250Mbps

Addtran Router Default Passwords:

Vendor – Model Access Type Username Password
adtran – Agent Card Telnet n/a ADTRAN
adtran – Atlas 800/800Plus/810Plus/550 Telnet n/a Password
adtran – Express 5110/5200/5210 Telnet n/a adtran
adtran – MX2800 Telnet n/a adtran
adtran – NxIQ Telnet n/a adtran
adtran – Smart 16/16e Telnet n/a (none)
adtran – Smart 16/16e Telnet n/a PASSWORD
adtran – T3SU 300 Telnet n/a adtran
adtran – TSU IQ/DSU IQ Telnet n/a (none)
adtran – TSU Router Module/L128/L768/1.5 Telnet n/a (none)


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