Acorp Router Default Passwords – Login, Username for Modem

About Acorp:

ACORP was incorporated in April 2005 to help meet the growing demands caused by the rapid rise of the Internet and personal computing. Since incorporation, ACORP has achieved the highest standards in research and development, production, quality assurance, logistics, sales and after sales service. Especially more concentrate and focus on new 3 major products line in below.

  1. Home Media Solution – DVBS Card/Box, IP CAM, TV tuner card
  2. Portable Media Solution – MP3 player, MP4 player
  3. Communication & Networking – Modem, ADSL Broadband Router, Switch HUB, Wi-Fi series

Acorp Router Default Passwords:

Vendor – Model Username Password
Acorp – LAN120I (Acorp Firmware) Admin Admin
Acorp – LAN410 (Acorp Firmware) admin admin
Acorp – LAN420M (Acorp Firmware) Admin Admin


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