Abocom Router Passwords Login Details – Modem Username Configuration

About Abocom:

Founded in 1995, AboCom is a leading provider of strategic solutions of mobile and SOHO data communications. Since its inception, AboCom has been positioning itself as the partner of choice for telecommuters in mobile computing. Building on the companys quality products and competitive prices, AboCom has experienced booming sales in the OEM/ODM business sector worldwide.

In view of the increasing growth of Information Telecom, AboCom has provided import and export agency services in the fields of computer chips, computer hardware, computer peripherals, computer peripheral cards, computer memory cards, computer local-area network (LAN) cards and modems. The foregoing items which were materialized and expanded as product line offering to include Wintel, Touch Solutions (IA), High Speed Internet Access and Storage.

Abocom Router Default Passwords:

Vendor – Model Username Password
Abocom – WAP-354NB (Abocom Firmware)
Abocom – WR254 (Abocom Firmware) admin


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