A-Link Router Default Password – Login, Username for Modems

About A-Link:

  • 1988, The company was established and first products where made, they where 14K internal (1414H) and 14K external (1414EC) modems.
  • These modems where sold under Avaks and Best trademarks.
  • 1992, A-LINK trademark was registered and long-term work for our own brand was started.
  • 1994, The product category was widened to network equipment, first network cards and hubs where made.
  • 1997, A-LINK ISO9001 quality system was taken to use.
  • 2000, The product category was widened to wlan, multimedia cards (Usb and Firewire) and first sample of set-top box was made.
  • 2001, ADSL-products came and took us to the TOP, A-LINK RoadRunner series are known worldwide as the best choice for ADSL-users.
  • Our A-LINK RoadRunner 44 is still one of the best and most sold ADSL-equipments ever made.
  • 2003, The first digital receivers where brought to market.
  • 2004, WLAN products with full range are supporting 11g/b standards.
  • 2005, ADSL 2/2+ products where taken to volume production.
  • 2006, Powerline products where taken to line.
  • 2007, VDSL2 products where take to mass production.
  • 2008, IP-camera, NVR/NAS-servers and multimedia products make a product group to range.

A-Link Router Default Passwords:

Vendor – Model Access Type Username Password
A-Link – RoadRunner 24AP (A-Link Firmware) admin password
A-Link – RR24 (A-Link Firmware) admin password
A-Link – WL54AP3 (A-Link Firmware)


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