3Ware Router Default Password – Username, Login Details

About 3Ware:

3ware was founded in February 1997 by Mitch Altman, J. Peter Herz and Jim MacDonald. In April 2006, Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (AMCC) acquired 3ware for $150 million in cash and became a AMCC product line brand (manufacturing RAID controllers for Serial Attached SCSI, Serial ATA, and Parallel ATA devices). 3ware (also referred to as “AMCC Storage”) was a product brand name of AMCC storage offering, and the product line was managed by Russell Johnson.

AMCC / 3ware’s initial business proposition was to enable low-cost desktop disk drives to be used in applications that were traditionally based on SCSI disk drives. In 1997 the cost per byte of SCSI disk drives carried a 2x premium over ATA disk drives. Rather than converging, price premium for SCSI disk drives actually grew to over 5x by 2002. This was not because SCSI drives became more expensive, rather both SCSI and ATA per byte disk drive prices dropped, but ATA drives were riding a much steeper price and performance ramp.

3Ware Router Passwords:

Vendor Model Protocol Username Password
3WARE 3DM HTTP Administrator 3ware


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