2Wire Router Default Passwords – Login Username

About 2Wire:

2Wire, Inc., is a broadband customer-premises equipment manufacturer that provides telecommunications companies with hardware, software, service platforms, and remote CPE management systems. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California, in the Silicon Valley. As of July 2010, the company employs approximately 1,600 employees globally, including 550 in R&D, sales and administration, 450 in customer care and 600 agency employees in five U.S. offices and an additional nine offices around the world.

The 2Wire HomePortal residential gateways are distributed exclusively by the world’s leading broadband service providers such as AT&T in the United States, Bell in Canada, Telmex in Mexico, BT Group in the United Kingdom and SingTel in Singapore. In July 2010, Pace plc of the United Kingdom agreed to buy 2Wire for $475m.

2Wire Router Default Password List:

2Wire – 1000HG (2Wire Firmware) (none) Wireless
2Wire – 1700HW (BellSouth Firmware) (none) Wireless
2Wire – 2071 (Prodigy Firmware) (none) Wireless
2Wire – 2700HG-S (2Wire Firmware) (none) Wireless
2Wire – 2700HGV-B2 (Sasktel Firmware) (none) Wireless
2Wire – 2701-A (BigPond Firmware) (none) Wireless
2Wire – 2701HG-B (AT&T Firmware) (none) Wireless
2Wire – 2701HG-B (SBC Firmware) (none) Wireless
2Wire – 2701HG-D (Qwest Firmware) (none) Wireless
2Wire – 2701HG-G (Bell Firmware) (none) Wireless
2Wire – 2701HG-G (Bell French Firmware) (none) Wireless
2Wire – 2701HG-S (Embarq Firmware) (none) Wireless
2Wire – 2701HG-S (SaskTel Firmware) (none) Wireless
2Wire – 2701HG-T (Prodigy Firmware) (none) Wireless
2Wire – 2701HGV-W (BigPond Firmware) (none) Wireless
2Wire – 3800HGV-B (AT&T Firmware) (none) Wireless
2Wire – 3800HGV-B (AT&T v6 Firmware) (none) Wireless
2Wire – 3800HGV-B (Bell Aliant v6 Firmware) (none) admin
2Wire – 3800HGV-B (Sasktel Firmware) (none) Wireless


2 responses to  “2Wire Router Default Passwords – Login Username”

  • Jimbob June 28, 2011 at 11:24 pm Reply 

    I have a 2wire 2701hg, with “” as the “software” (exact word used by router).

    The default password AFTER resetting it is “admin” (without quotes).

    • eid December 22, 2014 at 8:51 pm Reply 

      thank you

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  • Tim Sowell December 27, 2011 at 4:03 pm Reply 

    Thank you Jimbob! Of all the silly passwords, this is the only one I didn’t try. Of course it worked just fine, so thank you again!

    – Cowboy –

  • jake September 8, 2012 at 2:34 pm Reply 

    im curently having problems with a password a (home ) router if you will its not mine, but i needs free wifi i need a password for HOME867 router….

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